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The Ultimate Shark/Surfer Movie!

"Grey Fear follows a close group of pro-surfers searching for an adventure off the beaten track as they fly into a cluster of islands in the south pacific. There they discover a secluded break and once in the water several great white sharks that begin to ravage through the stranded group. Now they must endure unimaginable horror in an epic battle to survive if they are to even make it out of the water alive."

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The Pitch

Have you ever thought about how far you would go to save yourself from being attacked & eaten by great white sharks? Welcome to the terrifying new film, GREY FEAR.

Trapped in the water, these five surfers experience the ultimate in savage terror, suffering unspeakable attacks in an intense and chilling survival story.
Welcome into the water.

This is GREY FEAR.

Everyday millions of people go into the ocean just like you and I. There are an estimated 20 million surfers worldwide and surfers account for more than 51% of all shark attacks.

NOW it’s time to take the terror of sharks to the next level. A movie that reinvents the genre where there’s suspense and hardcore horror with blood soaked chills.

Meet our kick-ass crew that will not only make this movie amazing but possible!

Team Member

Jonathan N Dixon

Writer, Director, Producer

Award winning feature-film and TV commercial director. 

Team Member

William Emmons

Producer, Actor

Award winning US film & TV actor. Credits include Terminus, Wrath, INXS.

Team Member

Luke Polti

Special Effects

Credits include Pirates of the Caribbean, The Great Gatsby, Matrix Reloaded, Crawlspace, Gods of Egypt and many more.

Team Member

Paul Warren


One of Australia’s most experienced Directors of Photography. Shooting in the broadest range of cultures throughout the world.

Check out the trailer for my last feature film 

This brutal Australian psychological thriller stars Stef Dawson from the "Hunger Games" and William Emmons from "Terminus".

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